Carlos Fischer Band 

Carlos Fischer Band

Carlos Fischer, composer and guitarist, is the most important Bolivian Jazz Fusion musician.
He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and graduated as a professional musician in the School of Contemporary Music of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Berklee College of Music recognized Fischer’s talent by including him in the Dean’s List, an honorary award that is delivered to the best graduates.
He has published two CDs that reveal his compositional richness and that have been praised by specialized critics: “Self-portrait” and “Through the Soul”. With a productive career with concerts in Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Colombia and the USA. His piece “Without Judgments” was nominated by the Hollywood In Media Music Awards for Best Instrumental Theme in 2016.
He is currently giving concerts and launching live sessions of his new album “Infinite Search” Carlos Fischer has the vision of taking his music to the most important jazz stages of world.

Contact: Silvana Vargas Vilches
Phone: +591 60687267



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